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Yihong Clothing
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    Who we are

    KKaiping City YiHong Clothing Co., Ltd.Founded in 2001, is a multi-brand operations of its own branded apparel retail chain enterprises, mainly engaged in garment design and development, outsourced manufacturing, branding and direct sales, the main business is its own brand of clothing retail chain management, and focus on jeans clothing, the main in the end, the public market.


    v i s i o n

    the vision

    China has become influential and competitive, international, multi-brand operations of the enterprise, its own brand dominated the fashion industry operating group; become a leader in China's fashion industry.

    Your Fashion Maker Your Fashion Maker Your Fashion Maker 
    What Makes You Beautiful What Makes You Beautiful What Makes You Beautiful 
    What Makes You Beautiful What Makes You Beautiful What Makes You Beautiful 


    SSince its inception, always adhere to high quality standards, clear product positioning, attentive service experience, fashion brand style, through the supply chain management and marketing network construction, product design and development, brand building and promotion, in order to produce outsourcing and direct sales business model combines dedicated to creating more and better products to win customer trust and love.


    Fashion Jeans

    industy leader

    We always try the best to make the High quality product.

    High quality products High quality products High quality products 


    TThe company's operating philosophy is "business interests first, with the data speak; happy, environmental protection; objectivity, integrity, innovation and enterprising." The corporate culture is "sincere, happy, respectful, listen."

    sincere happy respectful sincere happy respectful sincere happy respectful 



    Kaiping City YiHong Clothing Co., Ltd.

    Tel:+86-750-2208633 2208632

    Add:No.8 LeXing Road, LeChong District, Kaiping City, GuangDong Province, China